Auditions tell the story of your career.

Every audition comes packed with valuable information, and when gathered and organized, this data can provide powerful insight into the trajectory of your acting journey.

With Track My Auditions, you’ll gain clarity on what you offer as an artist and professional. It’ll allow you to easily identify recurring themes, keep tabs on key players, and better measure progress and success – all so you can make more informed decisions.

We want to empower and encourage you to take an active role in shaping your career, and will continue to work to make Track My Auditions a tool that helps you realize your dreams.


Personalized data to guide your acting journey.

Keep a detailed record

Easily reference past auditions and workshops to make smart decisions in building your career.

Develop healthy relationships

Auditioning for a new office or is a long time casting fan seeing you for a series reg? Dissolve the digital divide by monitoring where your self tapes actually go.

Better than booking rate.

Your Actor’s Interest Rate© includes callbacks and pins to offer a better picture of how often casting is seriously interested.

Discover trends

Explore your Character Analytics© for a breakdown of your most common roles and circumstances.

Link to your Reps

Connect to your Reps' to offer them a brief and searchable overview of your profile. Strategize together and help them target opportunities with precision.

Already tracking your auditions?

Contact us for information on how we can upload your past data so you can take advantage of all Track My Auditions has to offer.

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  • Up to 10 audition entries
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$5 Monthly
  • Access to all tracking features
  • Unlimited audition entries
  • Auto-renews each month
Yearly Plan
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$48 Yearly
  • Save 20%
  • Access to all tracking features
  • Unlimited audition entries
  • Auto-renews annually
  • PLUS : Free upload of previously tracked auditions
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